Swarm Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_RevisionThis class is only tracking revision information. Needed for dokumention (doxygen) purposes
BoidA single little something, maybe a bird, maybe a fly, maybe a robot
ConfigProvides a service to read and write game config data
DebugProvides a service to write debug data to a log file. Also provides realtime onscreen visualisation of debug values
FlockMany Boid make one Flock. Implements a complete irr::ISceneNode
FlockAnimatorDefaultAnimates a Flock like described by Craig Reynolds "Steering Behaviors for Autonomous Characters"
FlockAnimatorExplodeAnimates some kind of explosion. Adds its part to each Boid velocity
FlockAnimatorTornadoAnimates a Flock like an tornado. Tornado center (eye) is down on the bottom
GuiProvides automatic generation of GUI elements
ObjectThis will be our base class for all game objects to synchronize data inside WAN
RandomA random number generator for int, float and double values
RollerThis is the player character
StartUpDiaplays a window with dimension of 800 x 600 to let user set some preferences
StartUpParametersA little class to store gaming user settings
StateBase class for your game states
StateCloseGame state when it is closing time
StateFlockSimulationGame state to test algorithms. Subject of constant change
StateMachineManages State transitions and keeps active State running
StateMenuMenu state. You guess what
StateTerrainTerrain state. Drives a object of class Terrain. Testing LOD stuff
TempDetailed description
TerrainLevel Of Detail (LOD) based Terrain IsceneNode

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