StateTerrain Class Reference

Terrain state. Drives a object of class Terrain. Testing LOD stuff. More...

#include <stateterrain.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StateTerrain (irr::c8 *n, irr::IrrlichtDevice *d)
 ~StateTerrain ()
bool OnEvent (irr::SEvent event)
void entry (void)
void exit (void)
void render (irr::u32 deltaTime)

Detailed Description

Terrain state. Drives a object of class Terrain. Testing LOD stuff.

This is similar to StateFlockSimulation, but with FPS camera.

Definition at line 16 of file stateterrain.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StateTerrain::StateTerrain irr::c8 *  n,
irr::IrrlichtDevice *  d


n : A string, usualy something like "STATE_TERRAIN"
d : A IrrlichtDevice*, used to access media.

Member Function Documentation

void StateTerrain::entry void   )  [virtual]

See also:

Implements State.

Definition at line 131 of file stateterrain.cpp.

References Gui::addButton(), State::device, Terrain::getCenter(), Terrain::getCollisionTriangles(), Debug::log(), State::name, Flock::setAlignmentWeight(), Flock::setCohesionWeight(), Roller::setCollisionTriangles(), Flock::setNeighborRadius(), Object::setScale(), Flock::setScale(), Flock::setSeekTargetWeight(), Flock::setSeparationWeight(), Flock::setTarget(), Flock::setTornadoWeight(), and Gui::setVisible().

void StateTerrain::exit void   )  [virtual]

See also:

Implements State.

Definition at line 194 of file stateterrain.cpp.

References State::device, Debug::log(), and State::name.

bool StateTerrain::OnEvent irr::SEvent  event  )  [virtual]

See also:
event : A user event (mouse, keyboard, GUI, ...)

Implements State.

void StateTerrain::render irr::u32  deltaTime  )  [virtual]

See also:
deltaTime : A unsigned integer representing milliseconds since last call.

Implements State.

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