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This class is only tracking revision information. Needed for dokumention (doxygen) purposes. More...

#include <main.h>

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int main (void)
unsigned int getDeltaTime (void)

Detailed Description

This class is only tracking revision information. Needed for dokumention (doxygen) purposes.


...what we have done so far:


Class Terrain added. Loads a heightmap and one texture. Class Gui changed: Sliders now assign a text filed automaticly to themself. Slider value is updated and drawn in that text field together with slider name. New Flock behavior added: seek for target. This keeps Flock close to player (target). FlockAnimatorDefault changed: All rules coded in one single loop. That results in a 10 fps speed up. Now 8 FLocks a 50 Boid are rendered at 45 fps, including LOD terrain.


FlockAnimatorDefault implemented, three rules according to "Boid-Master" Craig Reynolds are working: Separation, Alignment and Cohesion. Class Flock knows about the weight of each of this rule, Animator can mix each weightness to a smooth flying swarm. Class Flock knows also about the Radius for each Boid where to look for neighbor Boids. Class Boid can now display debug data on screen at Boid position, see Boid::addDebugText(). Class Gui can now be set up with a rect, where to display window. Also window name can be set.


All source (header files) documented in Doxygen style. Docu can now be spread to other developers.


Put in file open dialog to load meshs. Change in State: now inheritance from IEventReceiver. Distribute all system events to our states. This makes class input.h obsolete. Chaneged virtual function acceptEvent(char*) to onEvent(event). also obsolete: class StateGui. Swap deltaTime from absolute time to virtual game time.


Discontinued swarm dev. start flock dev. Made Flock inharitance from ISceneNode, FlockAnimator from ISceneNodeAnimator.


deltaTime changend from float to unsigned int. Swarm animation interface changed alike ISceneNodeAnimator. New methods for swarm: addAnimator(), removeAnimator(), ... First animator added: SwarmAnimatorPSO (stuff taken out from swarm.h to SwarmAnimatorPSO.h) (config file splitted) Second animator added: SwarmAnimatorExplode.


Class SwarmCharacter added. composes a letter by 10 to 15 swarms. Letters iplamented: s,w,a,r,m


Class object made as base renderer. all game stuff derives from object and has to implement: load(), safe(), update(). Swarm.testFitness() changed to abstract interface. In swarmSimu: create magneto added (particles dont like magnetos). Class dragon added.


Swarm.test() fixed. particel rotation, scale added. Swarm setup parameters added. swarmSimu with water added.


Particle swarm optimizer implemented.


Clean up distributes objects stuff.


RakNet distributed objects half way implemented, but now I realised they are deprecated by raknet developer. dev is switching to: "DataReplicator.h".


RakNet client/server interface.


Initial revision. Features: statehandling, configsystem, debuglogging

Definition at line 66 of file main.h.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int _Revision::getDeltaTime void   )  [inline]

How much time has passed since last update. Hence it has a static member "lastTime".

Returns a unsigned integer since last call of this function.

Definition at line 79 of file main.h.

int _Revision::main void   )  [inline]

Entry point of our application.

Return 0 if no error occurred. -1 otherwise.

Definition at line 72 of file main.h.

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